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Nestled in the foothills of Tennessee's Cumberland Mountains lies a secluded and peaceful valley. Wind your way along the country road and meander beside the peaceful creeks and branches. You'll find yourself drifting back in time to a state of mind that can only be found by being in places like these. As you travel down the one lane road that leads through this farming community you'll see hillsides scattered with horses, cattle, goats, deer, and wild turkey. And if you look close enough you can also see the remnants of several old homesteads and fallen barns. It's these bits of history that offer a window to the past, a place in time when life moved slower, family stayed closer, and land provided everything you needed to live a simple healthy life.
The original homeplace after we cleared the weeds, brush and scrub trees from around the front

One spring day in 1996 , the path Sharon and I were traveling led us to this country road and way of life. We followed it back to the end of the road and found an old abandoned homestead, a dilapidated house, a couple leaning barns, and 85 acres of wild and overgrown hills and forest, and somehow fell in love. We took a deep breath, sold everything we had, made a giant leap and began blowing life back into the hollow as well as in to us.

These pages are windows into the early years of our adventures here. They cover a time period from 1996 through early 2000. "Go with us" as we say here in the sunny south.
- David & Sharon Rasmussen


Private Retreat located in the Cumberland Mountain Foothills of middle Tennessee
Rustic Romantic Private Retreat

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